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Pigs feeding peat

MCP Feed Peat / Fe 3in1
-The product consists of 3 constituents; MCP Zeolite, Block Peat and Iron.
Pigs receiving block peat and MCP Zeolite may also help to raise the protein from feed.
New from JTI Institute of Agricultural- and Environmental Engineering.

MCP Iron Peat
Block Peat is RHP certified, tasty and sundried, it stimulates the pigs rooting and eaten with pleasure.
Iron supplement which pigs ingest through the peat provides ideal blood, without diarrhea and joint problems.

MCP feeding zeolite (ing zeolit)
MCP zeolite is a 100% natural substance that stabilizes the stomach bacteria while absorbing heavy metals and fungicides which may be in the straw.

MCP Peat feeding stuff
Replacement fully both iron and iron pasta syringe
The pigs grow better and are healthier.
Problems related to overdose of iron has disappeared.
Joint pain and diarrhea has almost entirely been eliminated.