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MCP Grass

MCP Zeolite

MCP Zeolite

MCP Zeolite


MCP PowerTurf™ is a long-acting soil materials of selected grades of zeolite which operates in more than ten years, specifically designed for golf courses.

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces leakage of nutrients from the plant bed to nature.
  • Reduces your fertilization costs by up to 65%.
  • Watering less – MCP PowerTurf ™ keeps growing bed moist longer.

A natural product

  • MCP PowerTurf ™ comes from nature and contain no toxins or chemicals
  • Improved PH – MCP PowerTurf ™ gives your plant bed a better PH.
  • MCP is selected grades of zeolite.

MCP PowerTurf™

used around the world, only in the US, sales increased by approximately 10.000 ton / år.

MCP Power Turf för Golfbanor.
A faction of the greens that meet USGA specifications for Golf Courses.

  • Particle Size 0,25 – 1,00 mm Ø
  • Ion exchange 1,2 gequ/100g
  • PH value 7,6
  • Specific Gravity 1,6 g/cm3
MCP at Falsterbo Golf Club, in cooperation with LMI.
Summer 2012

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