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Breeder Wallflower

with high demands on us as a supplier! The requirement was odorless, dust-free and easy to handle + a good environmental alternative. All this, we meet today with a good margin. We currently supply to the Wallflower pelleted treated MCP canola straw, clean MCP zeolite to sprinkle the bed of straw and 100% certified block peat. Alla våra produkter går att återföra till åkermark

A tastier July

We have chosen to donate 15.000 to Barncancerfonden. Hopefully it will help in the future, more children survive their cancer and treatment modalities becomes gentler.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We wish RaaTec AB

Thomas, Jens and Malin

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The magazine Poultry No 10

The number 10 magazine Poultry we have that ad with. Please contact us for more information on the phone: Thomas 0709-299 099 Jens 0707-461 977 or email:

Agromek day 4

We are all very happy and pleased with the interest and response of visitors at Agromek have shown in our products. It will be interesting to see how it continues after the fair. Thank you for these days. See you NutriFair 16-17 January 2019