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RaaTec ™ sock

RaaTec™ strumpan minskar förekomsten av Fusarium solani mm.
RaaTec ™ sock reduces the incidence of Fusarium solani etc..

RaaTec ™ sock – Mechanical filtration,.

RaaTec ™ sock is easy to replace. This disposable filter captures particles down to 5 micron. This eliminates the proliferation of most pathogens are usually tied to material greater than 100 micron.

Supplement your coarse filter with RaaTec ™ “The sock” for fine filtration.

In combination with RaaTec ™ BioBox ™ slow filtration can take advantage of all wastewater and reusing it in production. BioBox ™ can also be used to biologically filter incoming water.


  • Non-wowen material (PP-fibers).
  • FDA approved for food.
  • Långspunna fiber provides strength.
  • Resists alkali / acid and organic chemicals.
  • Dimensions: 250 cm x 20 Ø cm.

Download PDF:

There is also a movie with a little more information:



The sock 5 are also available to purchase through
Green Master's packaging department.