New we lift!

We bring in new opportunities! We invest and develop. Soon launch of new product on the market. come along! 🙂

Rapshalm- Rape Bedding

Together with our partner AJ Energy & Stroe sold Rape Straw with MCP Zeolite to Scandinavia. We are proud of this product and explains more about what it may have benefits for you. Watch the video and contact us for more information or phone 042-228008

Merry Christmas

Thank you for your cooperation during 2019! With a wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2020!This year's Christmas gift from us is a gift to Ronald McDonald BarnfondLäs more about the fund

High Chaparral 2019

A weekend with lots of horses, future customers and gunpowder. We will probably return but with a little gunpowder from our friend at JagtDanmark that has a little bang bang 🤪

Korvdagen 2019

This year's big sommarträff and mingling occurred in Everöd outside Tomelilla, Alexanders Mansson's farm with the display of the new stables under construction. Convener was Österlens pig producers. Many thanks to all the sponsors who made the evening possible.

Persson i Lya

Visits Persson on Cross High farm in Lya. A loyal customer and user of MCP for dairy cows. We got to see the involvement of MCP in roughage and also a new milking robot shown.

MCP Rape Straw in the stables

Listen to Anna Maria Wallblom the Wallflower Equestrian and Cornelia Kullzén Stall Solhäll tell you about the benefits of MCP heat-treated rapeseed straw Are you interested to know more please contact us at or phone 042-228008

Our in Solgården

In Solgarden in Trelleborg, spring is well advanced,, likewise the flowers are packed with zeolite MCP, the rechargeable battery fertilizers that increase growth both in the pots and the economy! Contact us for more information: