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MCP Sprinkle

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MCP Raps Kross Grov

Sack 20 kg / BigBag 900kg

MCP Rapeseed Horse

Sack 18 kg

MCP Raps Dry

Sack 25 kg

Sifted Block Turf

Packaging: Big ball 6 m3 (6000 L)
4120 Sifted block peat 3–10 Ø mm
4121 Sifted block peat 10–25 Ø mm

Samriven Blocktorv

Packaging: Storbal 6m3 (6000 L)
4125 Samriven Blocktorv 3-40 Ø mm


4190 Helpall StallVital, 21 balar at 270L

MCP Sprinkle

Choosing bedding might not always easy but with the help of the template / guide below, we believe that most questions can be straightened.

The more solid circles, the better. The exception is the color column in which more filled means darker.

To get an advice, you are welcome to contact us we'll help you find the right products for your needs.