Peat and MCP Zeolite in new study

In a study conducted by the Farm & animal Health, funded by the Swedish Pig Entrepreneurs Foundation via Swedish bank research, MCP has peat and zeolite as additive to slaughter pig diet evaluated.

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MCP Poultry

Scientific tests performed indicates several advantages of the MCP in both the egg and the rearing of broilers.
MCP zeolite contains more than 40 macro- and trace, The largest proportion of these are silicon oxide, aluminium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

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3-year project with Ystad Municipality

Raatec today has recently signed an 3 year contract with Ystad Municipality to develop the use of MCP & Trichoderma to green areas. Together we will work to enhance the green surfaces of Sandskogens sports. The goal is to achieve a more sustainable lawn, reducing the use of pesticides and nutrients to reduce nature.

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Test of the MCP-zeolite in the home environment

For 7 years ago planted several pots of MCP and as many without, to do a little unscientific test. The pots have received as much love, water, sol, wind and other things they might encounter in a villa garden on the outskirts of a little town. The images below show how the pots with MCP (right of the picture) have stored up and distributed food and water in a better way.

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See the great advantage block peat

RHP certified block peat picked up and dried on pallets under tarps to protect against contamination. See more of the film on the benefits of block peat over peat harrow.

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Healthier pigs

Bollerup Grisar from Thomas Merlöv on Vimeo.

Block MCP peat with MCP zeolite and iron produce healthier pigs.
Check out the happy pigs on Bollerup Naturbruksgymnasium.

MCP Feed

Since 2008 has Bollerups Naturbruksgymnasium MCP feed used in pig stables. Tessan Frank here shows how they use sifted peat blocks from Scanpeat and, course, Also MCP zeolite, as iron peat, weaning and feed supplements. Contact your feed supplier for the involvement of MCP in your feed.

MCP Equus™

MCP Equus - a new product to supplement the horse's feed. vagn_mcp
MCP Equus ™ - is unique and works positively for the horse's digestion, vitality and wellbeing.