We are continuing to increase knowledge in Raatec

We have had the privilege of linking up with Leif Göransson, Agr. Dr. of Animal Nutrition and Management. Leif's "pig man" with a background in product and feed trials at SLU as well as at Lantmännen.

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A tastier July

We have chosen to donate 15.000 to Barncancerfonden. Hopefully it will help in the future, more children survive their cancer and treatment modalities becomes gentler.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We wish RaaTec AB

Thomas, Jens and Malin

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The magazine Poultry No 10

The number 10 magazine Poultry we have that ad with. Please contact us for more information on the phone: Thomas 0709-299 099 Jens 0707-461 977 or email: info@raatec.com

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Agromek day 4

We are all very happy and pleased with the interest and response of visitors at Agromek have shown in our products. It will be interesting to see how it continues after the fair. Thank you for these days. See you NutriFair 16-17 January 2019

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Film from today 3

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Day 2 from Agromek

Fun with people and interested people. Day 2 Farmers came from Sweden, they were missing during the first day. There is great interest from Denmark also England o Ireland showing interest. Looking forward to Thursday's exhibition day 🙂

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Greetings from Tuesday's exhibition day

Thanks for today! A really worthwhile day. See you tomorrow Thomas

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Future media researchers believe that our "millennium kids" control its flow of information to the smartphone, surplattor and computers. Already today, 2015, these median carriers on average 95 times / day. 2020 will 60-70% trade done via smartphone / PC and the moving image is required. Therefore it is important for all who want to show their products to reach buyers on Youtube, Vimeo etc. What can we do for you?

Healthier pigs

Bollerup Grisar from Thomas Merlöv on Vimeo.

Block MCP peat with MCP zeolite and iron produce healthier pigs.
Check out the happy pigs on Bollerup Naturbruksgymnasium.

MCP Feed

Since 2008 has Bollerups Naturbruks-school MCP feed used in pig stables. Tessan Frank shows how the use of screened peat blocks from Scanpeat and, course, Also MCP zeolite, as iron peat, weaning and feed supplements. Contact your feed supplier for the involvement of MCP in your feed.

MCP Equus™

MCP Equus - a new product to supplement the horse's feed. vagn_mcp
MCP Equus ™ - is unique and works positively for the horse's digestion, vitality and wellbeing.